Author: Larry

A trip down memory lane... and fat. A lot of fat.

Vader Went out of Town


Leftover Thanksgiving News

The audio was terrible, so Vader couldn’t even be bothered to post this one on time.

Spectacular Galoshes

The fat ones catch up on the week and talk about Chrimma cookies.

Reading Instagram Comments

The show starts out strong until Vader falls into a insta-hole.

Big Fatty’s Voting this Week

The fat ones chat about their week, a dental visit and old coal miners weekend.

Vader’s Week with Ms Prune

And other fun/sad events that have been going on.

My Baboon Butt Kitteh

Vader is back home and the fat ones chat it up about this, that or the other.

Live from Palm Springs

Because we’re so dedicated, it’s a little show from the Extraspecial Guest SuiteĀ®. Sorry the audio quality is so meh, but we made do with what we have.

Ding Dong

Fatty’s favorite is dead.

The Jar has Exited

This week, the fat ones catch up on Vader’s Vegas Vacay and the Jar’s Celebration of Exiting.