Author: Larry

A trip down memory lane... and fat. A lot of fat.

Sorry, You’re Not Invited

The fat ones chat about their weeks, Vader’s upcoming cruise and Horrah EventĀ©. Then Vader fake-invites the Fat One to join him. But the Nip will likely go instead.

Snorin’ it up with Big Fatty

The fat one’s catch you up on their weeks. Vader has a Hatty update and Fatty can’t stop snoring.

Wet and Late

The fat ones catch up on the weather and Vader’s big doin’s.

Vader has been overserved

The fat ones chat about their weeks and Vader’s upcoming trip to see Tim Apple.

Nattering about nothing

The fat ones just sit back and natter today. They didn’t really have a lot to say. Also, I didn’t forget to put the image in the show notes… I just don’t have it anymore. – LHV

Frost Bitten Fatties

The fat ones talk to you about their week and the unusual weather in the Charlestons.

Never Again – Correct Show this Time

The fat ones (including the Nip) discuss their weekend trip to the Horrah Motel. And there’s a voiceletter!

Strange New Horrah

The fat ones talk about their New Year’s and then discuss what they plan on doing for the big Horrah event coming up.

Auld Lang Fat

The fat ones wish you the happiest of New Years and catch you up on the happenings since the last show.

Late and Wet

The fat ones catch up on what’s been going on and Vader’s near death experience.