Recent Podcasts

A trip down memory lane... and fat. A lot of fat.

Philadelphia Freedom

The one with the hair is Craig.

James Brown’s Funeral at the Hatt Arena

The fat ones catch up on what’s been going on this week.

Larry’s Extended Trip Report

Vader updates everyone on his tumultuous trip to the Lost Wages, a Hat visit and more.

Chauffeur Vader to the Rescue

The fat ones chat and that’s about it again.

Shuffling Cards

The fat ones chat on Mother’s Day about everything except mothers. And stretch her until the end.

Bone weary Fat people

The fat ones chat about their week and Vader tries to convince Fatty to go to Lost Wages.

Vader has another trip report

Vader kills it at Dead or Alive and tells you all about his NYC trip on Sunday.

Vegas Crisco Shortage

The fat ones catch up on their flemmie week.

Larry’s Smokey Trip Report

The fat ones are back and catch up on Vader’s trip to Lost Wages. And there was a special guest.

The LFC Easter Special – With Correct Audio

So sorry. Vader ruined everything, which should be no surprise. Here’s the correct version.