Author: Larry

A trip down memory lane... and fat. A lot of fat.

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This week the fat ones catch up, talk about dead people, and discuss how confused Mr. Vader was when booking some travel.

Vader’s Imposingly Tall Breaking news

It’s a full show of just breaking news and a tribute to Olive.

Vader’s Naked Trip Report

Sorry for the audio issues, but we’re just trying to mimic the Mix.

Held in Contempt of Fat

The fat ones catch up. Vader went to a wedding that didn’t feed him and now has jury duty. Big Fatty is gassy.

Vader is in a rush

This week, the fat ones catch up. Vader broke the nip and Big Fatty forgot about a July 4th special guest.

Dining with Young Jonathan and the Nip

Boy does Vader have a story for everyone on this week’s episode.

Big Fatty and the Bitcoin

Shutting it down with Mrs. Lalalalalalala Lauren

The fat ones catch up on their week. It was a whirlwind–so much so that Vader forgot half of what he did including a trip to the Hideaway to check on the mobile mansion.

Vader’s Trip Report – Featuring the Lovely, Charming and Sophisticated Daniel Brewer

Vader is back from vacation and has all of the details… including wine with Daniel Brewer and Zach, no visit from Mrs. Lalalalala Lauren and two trips to Buc-ees.