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A trip down memory lane... and fat. A lot of fat.

This is it… the Jeffersons

We’re having a very serious talk about Juneteenth, Flag Day and Fox News Nation… Or not. Send us some content and we can talk about you.

Boiled Peanuts and schweaty windows

We’re back, without voice letters, with a weekly hoist. We play a game, natter about Dollywood’s breaking news and more.

Memorializing Big Fatty

Happy Memorial Day everyone! We actually, mostly, keep it together on today’s little show. And we even have a voice letter to fill time with. Don’t forget, you can send one to

Ruined and sweaty

It’s another ruined little show. Vader comes in hot and ready to blow it out. If you’re unable to behave like a human being at Target, we’d love to hear from you.

Welcome back, Fatty

It’s nothing like an episode of Welcome Back Cotter, but he’s back and natterie. We just catch up, play some games and totally ignore the voice letter we have (we’ll get to it next week. Promise!

Introducing the new co-host

The LFC is back and this week there’s a special guest. Vader is joined by the one and only Dr. Wesley E. P. Stone, Esq. They natter, mostly, before playing a little game or two. If you’d like to contribute some content, and it would be welcome, you can send it to

Ruined by Jay the Hauntcub

First of all, sorry for the audio quality. Nothing has changed since last week and the levels while recording looked good, so yeah. The Daniel Brewer recommended mic went in the garbage this morning. We’ll have a different setup for next week. In this episode, we barely talk at all. Fatty forgot about it then…
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Should have pulled the plug

Since we didn’t have any voice letters or e-letters (, we just nattered about new rugs, boring things, etc. That’s all we got.

Bathfatter – Vader Recommended

Y’all, it’s a long one. Vader talks about getting his new shower, purging, and then we play some games.

The Ramadan Edition

Just listen. Vader’s rushed. Fatty’s fat. It’s a regular show.