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A trip down memory lane... and fat. A lot of fat.

Ruined by Jay the Hauntcub

First of all, sorry for the audio quality. Nothing has changed since last week and the levels while recording looked good, so yeah. The Daniel Brewer recommended mic went in the garbage this morning. We’ll have a different setup for next week. In this episode, we barely talk at all. Fatty forgot about it then…
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Should have pulled the plug

Since we didn’t have any voice letters or e-letters (, we just nattered about new rugs, boring things, etc. That’s all we got.

Bathfatter – Vader Recommended

Y’all, it’s a long one. Vader talks about getting his new shower, purging, and then we play some games.

The Ramadan Edition

Just listen. Vader’s rushed. Fatty’s fat. It’s a regular show.

Fatdors Travel Guide to the Smokies

This is what you get when you don’t send us any content. We natter about the fat one’s trip to the mountains and play a little game or two.

Sweatin’ Fatties

The Charlestons has had full on summer… in March and both fat people have had to turn on their ac’s. And that, honestly, is all of the content for the little show. If you want to be cool like the Laughing Budda and send in a voice letter, you can email it to

Should have shaved my scissors

We’re back for yet another show. And Daniel said we wouldn’t last this long. PLEASE send a voice letter to

Honesty, Integrity and Farts

After many months, and with the help of Baron Frostie, the BFO #3 fan scandal is finally resolved.

The Poodle named Goudy

We’re back and fat. Vader is looking for a hobby after he and the fat one get vaccinated at the same time. PLEASE send us a voice letter.

There’s ruined…

And then there’s this. It’s off the rails from the beginning. If you want to be cool like KC and Harley and have your voice letter go to my spam folder, you can send it to