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A trip down memory lane... and fat. A lot of fat.

Catching up with Big Fatty and Vader

The old, fat ones sit and chat today about what they’ve been up to. Vader gives an update on the G’days vacation for Daniel Brewer and still doesn’t choose a winner for the Medal Fest.

The Story of Vader’s Near Death Experience

This week the fat ones are back and talk about Vader having the Covid, the Jar’s mother coming to visit and more. The nip did not make a guest appearance on this episode.

The LFC: Featuring The Nip’s Stomach

We’re late, but not cancelled (unlike some other shows who shall remain nameless (until the last 1 minute)). The fat ones catch everyone up on what they’ve been up to and generally just natter. Plus there’s a last minute entry into the little medal contest.

Big Fatty’s new Front Door

The fat ones catch up on their weeks. The biggest news is that Fatty has a new front door. Yep. That’s how exciting the little show is.

The Nip got Wrecked

On this episode we chat about the visit from Daddy Ron, the Nip’s bedroom shenanigans and more.

The Big Contest has Contestants

This week the fat ones catch up about their weeks, talk about Vader’s trip to the Denver and have two new entries into the Bacon Medal Contest.

Miss Prune has thoughts about DST

We’re back and we have a lot to catch up on.

Marian Berry is definitely dead

This week the fat ones are joined again by the Jar, who Big Fatty has some questions for.

Vader Update and a Contest

We’re back after an unexpected break. The big news is that there’s a new contest that’s being hosted by Mrs. Bacon (probably).

Paddling into the Super Bowel with the Fat Ones

We’re here just being fat and discussing how much Vader doesn’t know about the sports ball, our plans, the Jar’s mother and more!