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A trip down memory lane... and fat. A lot of fat.

Vaseline the hole…

We’re here and fatter than ever. We discuss Vader’s arctic weekend, over serving and shopping ’til he dropped (without buying anything). If you want to be cool like Nessa, feel free to send us a voice letter to

Bread bowl Farts

It’s the Valentines day themed episode of the LFC, featuring professional researcher Young Nicholas, who replaces Brian in Boston as the official intern of the show. PLEASE send us your voice letters…

Russian Sickle

This is a long one, folks! Landbaron Vader tells all about his medical malodies and the Fat one blacks out. So about what you’d expect…. If you want to be like our mystery caller, you can send a voiceletter to

Motor Oil

Happy February, porcupines! We’re nattering today about Vader’s covid express weekend and poor young Nicholas and his jaeger obsession. We also have voice letters (ruined). You can send your own to

Big Fatty… tell me a story

We’re back in what Big Fatty calls, “Not our worst show ever.” We play a little dead or alive and Larry asks Big Fatty a horrah question.

The bubonic epizoodoo episode

This week’s ruination courtesy of DJ Ron in St. Pete and Garry (with two r’s). Help us out like these two awesome fellas and send content to

When I was a Covid Nurse, g’Country Wes Called and Ruined it

Posting again…. This is the train wreck of all train wrecks. We mostly natter about Vader’s weekend away, Hat medical maladies and play a game that ends just as Gay Country Wes calls and calls and calls and calls Big Fatty for a welfare check.

Lowering Dinah Shore into

We’re celebrating 2021 by talking about, well, 1921 and Dinah Shore’s appearance on Barbara Blvd.

Cherry Cheeked Fatty

We talk about our Chrimma holidays and other various and assorted travel. It’s really nothing exciting, but we managed to natter for 30 minutes.

Peppy Le POO!

It’s an un-themed Chrimma episode, complete with a voice letter. Big Fatty and Larry are wishing all of you a very merry chrimma. And we’ll be back for a special New Years episode next week.