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A trip down memory lane... and fat. A lot of fat.

The Jar has Exited

This week, the fat ones catch up on Vader’s Vegas Vacay and the Jar’s Celebration of Exiting.

The Live Pride48 Show

From Las Vegas!

Telestrations with the Jar

The fat two catch up on their week before literally BEGGING for content for the live little show coming up on on Saturday, September 15 at 4 p.m. eastern.

The kinda live show

This week the fat one’s test out their live connection and microphones for the live streaming Pride48 weekend coming up September 14.

Checking on the elderly in Vegas

The fat ones catch up about their weeks. They make the big announcement that they will be LIVE on Pride48 on Sunday, September 3 testing audio and doing a live show. They invite you to join them to give your feedback (that Vader will not listen to).

Sending thoughts and Prayers to SoCal

The fat ones gather to talk about their weeks. The Jar was sick and Vader played the role of nurse Ratchet. They talk about their weeks and more.

French Toast Supplies – Special Edition

Today we’re throwing it back to 2005 when the original LFC was facing a hurricane. Vader and Larry Klye give you all of the important information on what you should do. We’re posting this for our friends on the West Coast who are, inevitably, about to get an inch of rain during these unprecedented times…
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The Culmination of Stupid Skits

Joined by Young Nicklas and the Horrah Hotel, the fat ones catch up on their very eventful weekends.

Background Music by Gooch

This week the fat ones catch up, talk about dead people, and discuss how confused Mr. Vader was when booking some travel.

Vader’s Imposingly Tall Breaking news

It’s a full show of just breaking news and a tribute to Olive.