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A trip down memory lane... and fat. A lot of fat.

The cause of cat vomit… is cats

It’s our second live show of Pride48 weekend and, well, we really weren’t expecting to do this show, but it’s a train wreck same as if we were. Send us some content!


This week is a re-broadcast of our Pride48 live show and it was a fun one. We even brought in a special guest. We’d love to hear from you, too, via a voice memo. Record one and send it over to

Two steppin’ into P48 Weekend

We’re no Madge, but we’re preparing for Pride48 weekend. Join us LIVE, Saturday, July 24 at 2 p.m. eastern. If you’d like to join in and be added to our hour of nattering, send an email to

Where no fat person has gone before

This week, we still don’t have voice letters, so the fat ones are just nattering and playing a Star Trek game (that was completely ruined).

A day late and a fatty audio-less (observed)

It’s mostly just Vader nattering while Big Fatty has audio issues, etc. So forth and so on. And yes, the original audio was ruined. Vader got the date all messed up.

Vader’s Wisconsin Cheese Report

The show starts off strongly-ruined and then completely falls off the tracks as the fat one spends the rest of the time trying to fix his AOL email. Vader fills in by talking about his Madison, Wisconsin travels and how much he’s ready for winter, basically.

Shaken, not Stirred (fat)

Fatty is out of town, so Vader went on the hunt for another fat person to cohost. We’re joined by the one and only Chris from Tn in NJ in Tn. We mostly natter, but we find a minute to play a few games.

This is it… the Jeffersons

We’re having a very serious talk about Juneteenth, Flag Day and Fox News Nation… Or not. Send us some content and we can talk about you.

Boiled Peanuts and schweaty windows

We’re back, without voice letters, with a weekly hoist. We play a game, natter about Dollywood’s breaking news and more.

Memorializing Big Fatty

Happy Memorial Day everyone! We actually, mostly, keep it together on today’s little show. And we even have a voice letter to fill time with. Don’t forget, you can send one to