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A trip down memory lane... and fat. A lot of fat.

Larry Vader has the Act

We mostly natter, play a voice letter and natter some more. Be cool like the Laughing Buddha and send a voice letter –

The $300/mth high blood pressure cure

This week, we avoid singing the Mother’s Day song and talk about Vader’s Alaska trip, kitteh health and more.

Hedda Hopper Popper (Redenbacher)

We natter about mostly nothing and talk about Vader’s upcoming hoists. Please send in some voice letters — We’d love to heard from you and play your voice letter on the air.

The Cruise of a Lifetime, featuring Granny

We natter about a lot of things, including Vader’s rectum.

Pigmeat Markham

This week, the slightly delayed fat people talk about their Easters, Chevrolet Reds and Alaksa.

Subaru’s, Hospitals and Tornadoes

It was a basically normal week in the Vader family. Just 700 miles of driving, a new car and more. Listen to hear all of the drama.

Do you know what a Tar Heel is?

The ruined music episode. Sorry.

The Tongs Incident

We have an awful lot to say today. We catch up on Larry’s week, Fatty’s glasses and, well, he makes Vader play the Velamints commercial. Order Velamints for the Fat One Charleston Bloody Mary Mix La Nouba featuring three fat people and Bhuff. Send us a voice letter

The story of Fatty’s swing installation

The fat ones catch up on the week, discuss bugabette’s health and talk about what they’ve been up to.

I’m singing the Mexican Hat Dance and Eating Irish Stew

Smoked, then fried, it’s another episode of your favorite little show. Be like our unidentified caller and send us a voiceletter —