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A trip down memory lane... and fat. A lot of fat.

The Buck Moon at the Golden Corral

We just natter. Nothing else to say. Vader catches everyone up on his eye drama and the fat ones talk about the weather.

The Direct Line to Chris from TN in NJ in TN

The fat ones just catch up and have some breaking news regarding the live Pride48 Broadcast Weekend. We’ll need a LOT of voice letters, so send yours to Yank our doodles, this one’s a dandy, folks.

Vader’s longest stench at home

We’re back with a quick recap of Vader’s…. shocking….. trip to Alaska, not including a visit with Tim in Alaska. We talk about the Triple Nickel, food, drinks and listen to a voice letter before playing dead or alive. Please send us a voice letter…

Throwup Thursday –

Today we go back to March 23, 2006 and most of the show is DJDavidJ nattering about olives that were still warm.

He Has Rosen: Fatalleluieh

We’re late, but present… which is more than some shows can say. We catch up on what’s been going on. Larry gives the G’days report and chat about Bugaboo. There are even voice letters! You can send yours to

Throw up Thursday – March 22, 2006

If you listened to last week’s little show, you probably heard that Vader is going to start posting old shows. This is a true classic. It includes Archerr, Simon, Howard, Soy Candles by Phoebes, the origin of Big Ricky, a Skull update and more. We need more e-letters like the old days, so tell us…
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Dental Wash Update and Breaking News

We have a lot to natter about this week. Almost like the old days. We announce a brand new show on Thursdays and contemplate going back to four episodes a week. Send us an e-letter to let us know what you think — Happy Memorial Day (don’t thank Larry the Veteran)

Larry’s response to Tim in Alaska

Sometimes writing an email is too hard, so Larry just narrates a reply to Tim in Alaska. You can get your email reply read on the air, too, by sending a message to Want to see the Alamo hotel that Big Farty was talking about? (No, we know you don’t, but he would…
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Larry Vader has the Act

We mostly natter, play a voice letter and natter some more. Be cool like the Laughing Buddha and send a voice letter –

The $300/mth high blood pressure cure

This week, we avoid singing the Mother’s Day song and talk about Vader’s Alaska trip, kitteh health and more.