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A trip down memory lane... and fat. A lot of fat.

Kiss a Fatty Good Morning

On this episode, we lament the death of the legendary Charley Pride, ruin it, then ruin it some more. It’s a very long Vader weekend recap and some quiz programs.

Southern Comforting the Skull… HOT DOG!

We have a Vader Family Compound update and play a Chrimma themed round of, “This, that or the other” where we discuss “It’s a Wonderful Life.” And then Big Fatty really throws Vader a curveball during the Dead or Alive.

The Eleventh Commandment

We’re back from stuffing the gullets with turkey and Miss Elma Rea’s special congealed salad. Send us some feedback or leave us a message –

Miss Elma Rea is Coming

We’re back with a very long and chatty episode. We talk about who Vader’s Hatarina has invited to Thanksgiving Dinner, what we’ve been up to and some jalopy issues.

Paulette Bunyon

We’re back. It’s a bone weary cast and Vader is done. There’s also a skull update… and a visit from the Skullbaby Twins. Send us an e-letter –

Miss Lauren, who is Twiggy?

We’re back and nattering more than ever. It was a last-minute recording, so we’re a little disheveled. You know what would make the shows better? Content. Email us at

The Raccoon of 2020

Despite the fact we still didn’t have any voiceletters, we recorded another little show. This week we talk about Mr. Vader’s harrowing, near-death experience and kick off the Chrimma season with some themed-trivia. Send us an e-letter – and if Vader’s SPAM filter doesn’t catch it, we’ll read it on the air.

Satan’s Faucet

Chatty Larry and Fatty sit down to talk about Vader sharting himself (again), Bob Barker and the weather. Basically, it’s boring, but what you’ve come to expect. Send us an e-letter at

Press your fat

It’s another natter quiz fest. This one actually was, well, almost interesting. If you want us to actually get it together and be interesting, send a voice-letter or e-letter to

The Ferret was in her Bazooms!

Well hello everyone. This week we, once again, natter an awful lot. We also try, unsuccessfully, to play the theme song game. It, once again, doesn’t work. Don’t forget to tweet us if you have fond memories of Mr. Belvedere. Email us: